The most powerful mobile email app for Enterprise.

Security and functionality can work together

With a simple, searchable, and secure interface to all your connected data—email, attachments, notes, and messages—you'll spend less time in your inbox and more time doing work that matters.

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Work at the speed of thought

What can connected data do for you and your company?

r-evolution makes your email work for you. Need an attachment? They're all automatically organized for you. Share them with the ease of a single tap. Swipe your emails and files into a to-do-list. Get immediate and accurate results with full-text search of all your data.

This is the evolution of connected data.

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Email Connected

Sync your existing email to a powerful mobile interface, and take your connected data with you everywhere.

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Search Everywhere

Find anything instantly in the haystack of all your emails, documents, contacts, messages, notes, and years of endless data.

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Group Messaging

Open new communication channels within your company to collaborate with teams and ease the burden of email.

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Enterprise ready

Welcome to a new class of enterprise applications. Modern, intuitive communication tools enabled by a revolutionary data platform. Engineered with world-class security, speed, and reliability. r-evolution gives your company the key to a connected future. Learn more at

  • Functional

    A single-interface for your communications, with the fastest search on mobile.

  • Secure

    No data stored on your mobile device.

  • Leverage existing data

    r-evolution's mail client syncs to your mail server using IMAP or Exchange Web Services.

"Powerful and simple."

~Derek Small, CEO Nulli